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Coming in April 2022....

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses
See the Auditions page for casting details

Lovers' Landing Beach Hotel is a popular wedding destination which has acquired a certain mystique as the home of sandy toes & salty kisses.

Right away, Audrina Brown, who has inherited the hotel from her late father, has her hands full!

The young couple, who have chosen the hotel for their wedding, run into problems when the bride's society-seeking mother arrives determined to prevent the wedding. On top of this, the premier wedding planner who was to meet them at the hotel, cannot be found.

The bubbly receptionist, Candy, tries to help but manages to make more of a mix up. Then, Audrina finds out that her Uncle Bubba, the hotel manager, is running a variety of questionable "extra-curricular activities" on the property. In the meantime, a mystery man arrives asking too many questions.

All they can do is hope that the romance of Lover's Landing Beach Hotel once again comes to everyone's rescue in this delightful, romantic-comedy with a touch of mystery and a beach full of laughs!

- on stage at Victoria Hall, 411 Greenfield St, Petrolia -
April 15 - 18, 2021