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Productions From The Past! - 1995

Season Sponsored by Brown's Graphics & Printing, Petrolia

The Haunted High School
By Orville Snapp (produced by special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc.

A brisk and tingling comedy where the students change places with the teachers one day every year. A baffling mystery as to why the Principal has been run over and characters are found missing. A detective is summoned who after bungling more fiascos happen. The mystery is finally solved in a series of comedic scenes that bring down the house.

  • Director - Karen Watson
  • Producer - Karen Whiting
  • Stage Manager - Les Whiting
Caesar & Cleopatra Caesar & Cleopatra
by George Bernard Shaw

In this play, Julius Caesar travels to Egypt and encounters a young and immature Cleopatra. The play tells the story of how Caesar acts as a mentor to Cleopatra, guiding and shaping her into the powerful Queen of Egypt. PCT set this in modern day.

  • Director - Paul Gambling
  • Producer - Evelyn Ward de Roo
  • Stage Manager - Evelyn Ward de Roo


Toad of Toad Hall
a stage adaptation by Kenneth Grahame of the story of Wind in the Willows by AA Milne

PCT Past Productions - Toad of Toad Hall Finale

Recounting the adventures of Ratty, Mole, Badger and their pompous friend, Toad.

  • Director - John Wallace
  • Producer - Sharon Martin
  • Stage Manager - Sharon Martin