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Productions From The Past! -

Are You Being Served?
by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft
Based on the British television comedy of the Grace Bros. Department store

PCT Past Productions - Are You Being Served?The outrageously funny characters of Grace Brothers department store are busy at work preparing to go away on holiday together.

Several different episodes of the original sitcom are melded together to create the hilarious first act of this fast-paced comedy.

Ineptly dealing with customers, a malfunctioning elevator, and delivery of unusual goods keeps them on their toes. And that doesn't include the dance for young Mr. Grace!

Then there are the preparations necessary before traveling abroad with which Canadian audiences can certainly sympathize. Act two takes us to the tropical resort where nothing is as it seems nor as it should be.

Misinformation and dealing with the irregularities of a foreign country keep everyone moving right up to the unexpected conclusion..

  • Director -  Carol Graham
  • Producer -  Warren Graham
  • Stage Manager -Candy Richter


  • Mrs. Slocombe - Gwen Trone
  • Captain Peacock - Henry Anjema
  • Mr. Grace - Bob NewmanYoung
  • Mr. Rumbold - Paul Richardson
  • Mr. Grainger - Jimmy Plunkett
  • Mr. Humphries - Doug Wright
  • Mr. Lucas - Alan Christie
  • Mr. Mash - Warren Graham
  • Miss Brahams - Haley Pretty
  • Female Customer - Cathy Warwick
  • Male Customer - John Bryne
  • Nurse - Kristina Campbell
  • Don Bernardo - Art Parkes
  • Cesar - Enzo Bolzon
  • Conchita - Tiffany Anjema
  • Theresa - Candace Rouse
(Cinderella II - the sequel) - by Doug WrightRumpelstiltskin
  • Director - Carol Graham
  • Producer - Sylvia Fairbank
  • Asst. Producer - Barbara Prescott

Oh So BraveThis is a traditional English pantomime, like Peter Pan, where the audience shouts 'boo' for the bad guy, 'yay' for the good guy and helps to save the day.A lively, fun-filled production with sparkling, colourful costumes; a few modified Christmas carols and even references to local businesses and popular TV shows

There is singing and dancing by a dismal band of buccaneers who were voted off the island, a shoe-tapping horse named Horace, Queen Cinderella who is obsessed with diet books and her hungry husband King Charming.

The King and QueenAdd to this a not-so-Brave Prince, named Prince Oh-So-Brave who is in love with a golden-haired girl with golden eyes, nails and teeth (okay, so they are really yellow teeth - but a nice yellow!) who can spin straw into gold and you have a surefire happy ending - after a lot of misadventure which is sure to make you laugh out loud.

Children love pantomimes and adults, parents and grandparents love the glowing look of wonderment on the children's faces as they become part of this magical story. Don't miss this Christmas performance which is designed to share the magic of this special time of year.

This show is suitable for children ages: 6 to 90