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Productions From The Past! - 2011

The Revenge of the Three Little Pigs
written by Doug Wright

The Revenge of the Three Little Pigs

The Petrolia Community Theatre presents a new Christmas Comedy, "Revenge of the Three Little Pigs", by Doug Wright. It's a hilarious look at your favourite storybook characters in a boisterous, colourful tale. This is a lively comedy for people of all ages with plenty of physical escapades for youngsters as well as political and local humour for adults.

The story: Queen Cinderella and King Charming rule Fairy tale land in peace and harmony, until their rebellious daughter, Princess Ella, pursues a Hollywood romance with a handsome but unsuitable commoner. To add to their problems, the Three Little Pigs are having housing problems due to a big bad wolf... every full moon. The Fairy Godmother could clear up this mess, but she is on maternity leave. Forced into action, the pigs overthrow the royals and take justice into their own hands...or hoofs. But can a pig dabbling in politics be piglitically correct? Add to this lot: Cinderella's demanding Step-Mother, swarms of adorable little bees and a musically talented busker, to create a fun-filled evening for everyone.

  • Busker - Steve Carapiet
  • Little Pig #1 - Geoffrey Hawkins
  • Little Pig #2 - Bronwyn Wonnacott
  • Little Pig #3 - Maureen Grandis
  • Queen Cindy - Charlene Mumberson
  • King Charming - Doug Wright
  • Martha Ville - Lyn Faulds
  • Princess Ella - Hannah Haveman
  • Girl With Glasses - Megan Douglas
  • Ethelwolf - Joey Hawkins
  • Alfred - Liam Milligan
  • Paige the Page - Emma Hollingsworth
  • Horse - Sarah & Rebekah Hornblower
  • Queen Bee - Danna Andrade
  • Little Bee - Sydney Topliffe
  • Little Bee - Gillian Johnston
  • Little Bee - Julia Hornblower
  • Little Bee - Kristy Brooks Van Meenen
  • Little Bee - Emily Hornblower
  • Little Bee - Bethany Hornblower
  • Dancer - Emilie Jagt
  • Dancer - Alyson Jagt
  • Courtier - Carla Rankin
  • Courtier - Bonnie Harris
  • Courtier - Carol Graham
Shootout at the Sacred Heart Saloon
a Whoop-it-up, Bust-a-gut comedy by Teresa Brown

Shoot Out At The Sacred Heart Saloon

When the town boundaries change leaving half the saloon dry, the church (in desperate need of a building) moves into the dry half. What follows is action-packed fun as they sort it out. It's minister vs bartender, saloon girl vs church lady, barroom brawls vs. hymn singing... and the town drunk is on his own. But, can they work together to save the building?

Set in the 1800's, a remote town out west somewhere. Summer. The play opens with a bar room brawl complete with breaking furniture and someone going through the window! The whoop-it-up western comedy has it all: flirty saloon girls, fighting cowboys, and a honky tonk piano player. It also has a nervous Preacher, some feisty church ladies and a shootout!

Shootout at the Sacred Heart Saloon


  • Directed - Carol Graham
  • Josephine (Jo) McSweeney (bartender) - Lyn Faulds
  • Clarabel (saloon girl) - Bonnie Harris
  • Rosabel (saloon girl) - Charlene Mumberson
  • Annabel (saloon girl) - Stephanie Cattrysser
  • Jezebel (saloon girl) - Teresa Ingles
  • Piano Player - Steve Carapiet
  • Rufus (cowboy) - Neil Werden
  • Lazarus (town drunk) - Bert de Roo
  • Rufus (cowboy) - Lorne Liddiard
  • Fighting Cowboy - Brent Liddiard
  • Fighting Cowboy - Warren Graham
  • Fighting Cowboy - Nathan Calvank
  • Kitchen Boy - Shawn Calvank
  • Pastor Percival Parson - Roy Butler
  • Daisy Parson (daughter) - Amanda Calvank
  • Helen (Ladies Auxiliary) - Dina McPhee
  • Hester (Ladies Auxiliary) - Vicki Burgess
  • Georgette (Ladies Auxilliary) - Carrolleigh Cecile
  • Church Lady - Emilie Jagt
  • Church Child - Bronwyn Wonnacott
  • Mr. Potts (surveyor) - Nathan Calvank
  • Mr. Smith (town councillor) - Roy Sager
  • Mr. Jones (town councillor) - Ken Logan
  • Mr. Smith-Jones (town councillor) - Henry Anjema