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Productions From The Past! - 2012

Dear Santa We've Moved!
November 22 – 25th, 2012

The Dortmund family has just moved to the small town of Frostbite Falls and the children have settled in: Josh hitched a ride in a cattle hauler, Junior fashioned his sister's leotards into a slingshot, and Bonnie beat up the neighbour's daughter... who is the daughter of Mr. Dortmund's new boss!

To make matters worse; the water heater doesn't heat water and the plumber keeps upping the price of repair, the boxes are missing their labels, and Grandmama's 1895 Antique tea service is missing entirely... or is it? Who knows?! It's chaos at Christmas time. But at least the children have written their letters to Santa... edited by Mom... re-written by Uncle Don... and now the whole town is involved!

Lots of laughs for young and old with a few surprises along the way and, of course, a Happy Christmas for everyone!

  • Jake Dortmund - Played by Pete Aarssen: Postal employee and father of a dysfunctional family. Forced to leave his position in Winnipeg just before Christmas and move to small town Canada. Major role. Able to be kind, normal, to frustrated, panicked, angry. In Act I & II.
  • Edna Dortmund - Played by Bonnie Harris: Wife of Jake. Somewhat scatterbrained but in a loving way. Completely oblivious to the havoc she innocently creates. Think Edith Bunker & Lisa Douglas. Very large role. Never gets flustered. Always smiling. Takes everything in stride. Very focused on whatever SHE is doing. In Act I & II. Most lines in Act I.
  • Josh Dortmund - Played by Liam Milligan: Eldest son of Jake and Edna. Senior in High School. Going to University next year anyway so was least affected by the move. 16-17. Has his act together. The nice guy you want your daughter to meet. In Act I & II.
  • Bonnie Dortmund - Played by Shannon Searson: Eldest daughter. Self assured 14-15 year old. Karate expert and not afraid to use it. Really interested in boys. In Act I & II. More lines in Act I.
  • Tommy Dortmund - Played by Geoffrey Hawkins: Middle son. Likes to joke around. Good sense of humour. About 10-12 years old. In Act I & II. More lines in Act I.
  • Gloria Dortmund - Played by Bronwyn Wonnacott: Middle daughter. One (or 2) years younger than Bonnie. Confident in who she is. Believe in Santa and not afraid to admit it. About 8-10 years old. Good grades. In Act I & II. More lines in Act I.
  • Junior Dortmund - Played by Ronan Fulton: Youngest son who loves to tease his sister, Gloria, and get into mischief. Most important issue this time of year is ensuring Santa has his list and address correct. Typical kid doing things he shouldn't. Age 7-8. In Act I & II. More lines in Act I.
  • Uncle Don - Played by Warren Graham: Brother of Edna. Lawyer who wants to change careers and become a professional clown. Minor role of major importance to the story line. In Act I & II.
  • Giles Millet - Played by Jimmy Plunkett: Post office manager. Grumpy, domineering, powerful. The guy everyone wants to dislike. In Act I & II. Most lines in Act II.
  • Karen Millet - Played by Teresa Ingles: Wife of Giles. Everything good that Giles isn't. Nice, kind. Tries to prevent the havoc her husband creates. In Act II only.
  • Angel Millet - Played by Alyson Jagt: Eldest daughter of Giles & Karen Millet. Beat up by Bonnie. Very minor role. Age 14-15.
  • Millie Millet - Played by Shea Milner
  • Daryl Millet: Eldest son of Giles and Karen Millet. Non speaking role. Act II only. Comedy role at the party. Age 14-17.
  • Gary Millet - Played by Kaegan Fulton: Young son of Giles and Karen Millet. Small role. About 10-12 years old. In Act I & II.
  • Daphne Millet: Youngest daughter of Giles and Karen Millet. Spoiled and uppity. Becomes friends with Gloria. About 8-10 years old. In Act I & II. Moderate role.
  • Hank Gore, Phone Guy - Played by Derrick Fulton: Might be the plumber too (hey it's a small town) Sort of a Hank Kimble type. Very small role. In Act I only.
  • Wally, Plumberr - Played by Doug Wright: No nonsense guy. Dates Rosie at party. Minor role. In Act I & II.
  • Delivery guy - Played by Joey Hawkins: Brusk. Get the job done guy. Can be played by same actor as plumber.
  • Dilbert Parker - Played by Bert de Roo: Postal employee. Slimy but appears genuine; Sort of like Eddie Haskell. Bitter that Jake got the job he wanted. Purposely messes up Christmas for kids but has a change of heart... then messes things up trying to do what is right. Comedy role. In Act I & II. Most lines in Act II.
  • Erma - Played by Emilie Jagt
  • Rosie: Postal employee, oversexed. Guys are afraid of her because of her reputation. Really is a nice woman. Comes on strong. Comedy role. Minor part. Act II only.
  • Ethyl Mertzog - Played by Charlene Mumberson: Postal employee, comedy character. Large role. Act I & II. Must work really well off Lucy character.
  • Lucy Baldwin - Played by Sabrina Redick: Postal Employee, comedy character. Large role. Act I & II. Must work really well off Ethyl character.
  • DJ at Party - Played by David Lindemann
  • Bartender - Played by Joey Hawkins: Probably a woman. Character role, comedy with special effects to operate. Very small role. Act II only.
  • Drunk Santa - Played by Derrick Fulton: Brother-in-law of Giles Millet (might become the sister-in-law). Drunk entire time. major comedy role. Moderate size role. Act II only.
  • Girl at party - Played by Celeste Caskanette
  • Girl at party - Played by Chloe Pretty
Author: Warren Graham
WarrenPetrolia resident Warren Graham, was raised in Chatham, Ontario where he developed his sense of humour by being one of the short guys in a school full of tall guys. "The best way to stay out of the inside of a locker was to be the funny guy and make everyone laugh," said Graham. And he is still making people laugh with his theatrical writing. He has written specialized Murder Mysteries for the Brigden Fair Board, Warden's Banquet, Optimist International and many other community groups.

A retiree of Imperial Oil, Graham said he remembers as a kid going past the huge oil refinery at night with all the lights and thinking, 'Wow, you'd have to be really smart to work there.' He laughs and says, "Then I got a job there and realized, 'Nah!'" After working there for 30 years, Graham finally retired and found the time to finish the script which he started 10 years ago. He had a title, "Dear Santa... We've Moved" and a large collection of notes and pieces of dialog. Writing and golf seemed to take his mind off the "honey do" list he had put aside for all the free time retired guys are suppose to have.

While watching early rehearsals, Graham said that he was amazed that he had written this, "I thought, hey that's pretty good". His goal was to create a play specific for the community theatre group and the stage at Victoria Hall. He wanted something that was "a family show and comical... just like the good old days when the whole family could sit together around the big old television set, watch the same show, and all laugh together. There tends to be a real dearth of shows for a large cast; most have 2-6 actors," said Graham. "We needed something for a BIG cast." Graham achieved his goal. With a 25 member cast, 68 costumes, and a heavy volume of props backstage, the show is an incredible challenge. Actors range in age from 8 to 60 and come from all areas of Lambton County.

Graham, himself, is no stranger to being on the stage. In fact, he will be playing the cameo role of 'Uncle Don' in this premiere production of Dear Santa... We've Moved. In 2002, he was also nominated for best actor by the Western Ontario Drama League for his portrayal of 'Whiteside' in The Man Who Came to Dinner. And, was featured in the documentary, "Offstage" which won a golden Hugo award at the Chicago International Film Festival.