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Productions From The Past! - 2013

Nana's Naughty Knickers
a comedy by Katherine DiSavino

Nana's Naughty Knickers

Bridget and her Grandmother are about to become roommates. However, what Bridget saw as a unique opportunity to stay with her favorite Nana in New York for the summer quickly turns into an experience she'll never forget. It seems her sweet Grandma is running an illegal boutique from her apartment, selling hand-made naughty knickers to every senior citizen in the five borough area! Add to this a grumpy landlord, a romantic cop and lots of lingerie and you have a comedy with lots of laughs!

Cast & Characters
  • SYLVIA CHARLES - Played by Lyn Faulds

In her early eighties, and energetic. The mastermind behind Saucy Slips, Etc., (her upscale lingerie business for seniors) and the proud tenant of a rent controlled apartment.

  • VERA WALTERS - Played by Sylvia Fairbank

Sylvia's good friend and aged accomplice: equipped with two hearing aids and a collapsible walker.
She is not afraid to call it as she sees it.

  • BRIDGET CHARLES - Played by Carol Graham

Sylvia's unsuspecting, 20-something, soon-to-be-law-student granddaughter.
Romantically interested in Tom.

  • TOM O'GRADY - Played by Steve Jackson

The newest cop on the force, happily assigned the beat where Sylvia's apartment is.
Friendly and helpful. Romantically interested in Bridget.

  • GIL SCHMIDT - Played by Doug Wright

The landlord. Inappropriately eager to rid himself of his aged tenants so that he can
make more money. 60s.

  • HEATHER VAN PREE - Played by Teresa Ingles

The bubblegum chewing employee of Saucy Lips lingerie which is not for seniors.
She is streetwise and looking for better employment opportunities.
Doesn't look like the professional business type.

  • CLAIR - Played by Maureen Grandis

Sylvia's best client. Sophisticated and forceful. Strong personality. Mid 60s.

  • VOICE - Played by Shawn Calvank

The man at the front desk. Slightly bored and always sarcastic.

  • UPS MAN - Played by Shawn Calvank

Cute and a little lonely.

  • OTHER UPS MAN - Played by Warren Graham

The strong and silent type.

'Til Beth Do Us Part

Suzannah Hayden is busy trying to climb the ladder of success at Carmichael's Chocolates. If she could just get past her husband's dirty socks, old golf magazines, and half eaten sandwiches, to spend time on her career.

Enter Beth! A sweet southern belle who not only cleans the house, she removes all the unnecessary clutter... including Suzannah's husband! But what is Beth really after?

Everything reaches a climax when Suzannah's boss pays an unexpected visit, her husband prepares to regain control, and her well-meaning divoriced friends try to help. Of course, anything that can go wrong does! It's only a matter of time before all the carefully laid plans fall apart.

It's fast-paced excitement with a laundry basket full of laughs and enough twists and turns to keep you wondering right to the very end!

  • Suzannah Hayden - Played by Maureen Grandis

A focused, energetic business woman trying to 'do it all' and climb the corporate ladder. If she could just get her husband to help out around the house!

  • Gibby Hayden - Played by David Engleson

Suzannah's husband, a weather man, who is happy to coast along but really upset about the Southern whirlwind who is organizing his wife and messing up his life.

  • Beth Bailey - Played by Lindsay Peterson

Energetic personal assistant who is great at everything! But not everyone appreciates that.

  • Margo James - Played by Lyn Faulds

Suzannah's best friend and Hank's ex-wife who is trying to finally meet Mr. Right.

  • Hank Russell - Played by Warren Graham

Margo's ex-husband and Gibby's friend. Happy to be living the single life.

  • Celia Carmichael - Played by Rhonda Ross

Head of Carmichael Chocolates company in England. Known as 'The Lady in Lavender'.

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