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April 2016 - The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder
Dates: April 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24
The Matchmaker


Horace Vandergelder - Doug Wright
Vandergelder is stingy with money and rude to everyone he talks to. He does not approve of the man his twenty-four-year-old niece intends to marry and so sends her away to ruin the engagement. He does not like the clerks who work at his hay, feed, and provisions store because he thinks that they should work more than fifteen hours a day, six days a week.
Vandergelder, a widower, plans to marry again, explaining that a woman who marries into a household will keep house better than one who is hired to do so. He plans to marry Mrs. Molloy, until Dolly Levi tells him another woman is interested in him.

Mrs. Dolly Levi – Lyn Faulds
Dolly is a manipulator and schemer who does not mind making up stories to get the results she wants. Her principal occupation is "a woman who arranges things."
She is a widow and an old friend of Vandergelder's late wife. Vandergelder brings her into the situation because he wants her to chaperone Ermengarde, whom he plans to send to New York, while he goes to marry Mrs. Molloy. Mrs. Levi starts undoing his plans almost immediately. She works to make him believe that he wants to marry her and that the idea is his own.

Cornelius Hackle – Steve Jackson
Cornelius is the chief clerk at Horace Vandergelder's store. The announcement that he has been promoted to chief clerk, (the position he already holds) makes him realize that he is in a rut, so he convinces Barnaby to join him for a night on the town in New York. There, he runs into Irene Molloy in her hat shop while he is pretending to be a wealthy socialite shopping for a hat, and he falls in love with her.
He goes through a series of adventures and wild charades to keep up his false image only to have it all fall apart.

Mrs. Irene Molloy – Carol Graham
She is interested in being married in order to get out of the hat business. Since people think of women in the millinery trade as being wicked, she has to limit her social life in order to keep up an air of respectability. The only men she meets are feather merchants. In addition, she is interested in marrying Vandergelder because she thinks he would be a good fighter, which she thinks an attractive trait in a husband.
When Cornelius ducks into her shop to hide from Vandergelder, he falls in love with her, and she is just as quickly attracted to him. But, things come to a feverish moment when there are too many men in her hat shop.

Malachi Stack – Jim Hawkins
Malachi arrives at the store in Yonkers with a stack of letters of recommendation from employers in different trades. Vandergelder hires him and sends him to New York on a train that is leaving immediately, so that he does not meet the other clerks. Malachi used to be a thief, then took to drink, and has found that a person can only handle one vice well, so he drinks but doesn't steal. His drinking gets him into trouble with hilarious results.

Barnaby Tucker – Shawn Calvank
Barnaby is the junior clerk at Vandergelder's store. He skips work and follows Cornelius on an adventure that gets them both into trouble with comical results as he hides, disguises himself, and does all he can to avoid his employer, Vandergelder.

Miss Flora Van Huysen – Bonnie Pettit
An old friend of Ermengarde's deceased mother, Miss Van Huysen is a very unusual spinster who lives with her servants in New York. Vandergelder sends Ermengarde to live with her so that she cannot marry Ambrose, but instead, she ends up with two Ermengardes. She crusades to save both of them, even though one doesn't want to be 'saved'.

Ambrose Kemper – Joey Hawkins
Ambrose is an artist who wants to marry Vandergelder's niece, Ermengarde. Because he does not have a secure economic future, Vandergelder objects to the marriage. Ambrose tries to convince Ermengarde to elope with him, but she refuses, forcing him to accept Dolly Levi's help. And, if Dolly is helping you; you need all the help you can get!

Ermengarde – Chloe Pavic
Ermengarde is the niece of Horace Vandergelder who intends to marry Ambrose Kemper. She is rebellious enough to plan marriage to a man her uncle does not approve of, but she is also very concerned about her standing in society: when Ambrose suggests that they elope, she is not only against the idea but is shocked that he would even mention such a scandalous word!

Minnie Fay – Bronwyn Wonnacott
Minnie works in Mrs. Molloy's hat shop and is amazed that her employer would even consider marrying a man whom she does not love. Minnie is awestruck by her adventure outside the hat shop and joins the others in their madcap journey.

Cabman Joe– Steve Churchman
When Vandergelder finds out that his niece Ermengarde is at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant with the man whom he has forbidden her to see, he hires a cabdriver named Joe to take them to Miss Van Huysen's house and keep them there, by force if necessary. When the Cabman has a few drinks with Malachi, they botch the job but wind up at the right house with a surprise or two.

Cook – Teresa Ingles
Miss Van Huysen's cook has waited all day with her for Ermengarde to arrive. She maintains the house since her employer is knee deep in romance, illusion and dreams. But even her tenacity is no match for two drunken lugs.

Rudolph – Paul Vail
The senior waiter at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant, Rudolph tries to maintain dignity when dealing with the antics of the unruly couples.

Joe Scanlon – Slavic Pavic
Joe is Mr. Vandergelder's barber who is horrified when his customer offers him fifty cents to do "something a little special" for his looks. Joe is horrified, as if he had been offered a bribe for something improper. "All I know is fifteen cents' worth, like usual, Mr. Vandergelder," he explains, "and that includes everything that's decent to do to a man." The attempted bribe that Joe refuses turns out to be for hair dying.

August – Geoffrey Hawkins
August is the younger waiter at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant. He is confident in his duties until the rowdy couples cause a bit of drunken chaos.

Gertrude – Meagan Kaczmarczyk
Gertrude is Vandergelder's housekeeper. She is as 'as old as the hills; deaf; half blind; and very pleased with herself.' She spoils Vandergelder's plans by being herself and simply talking too loudly.

Musician in Restaurant - Glen Montgomery

Pre-Show Singers - Peter Davies & Bill Massie





The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker





The Matchmaker

Mrs. Parliament's Night Out

The Story: Teresa Parliament decides to surprise her husband with a special dinner and a lovely gift for their 32nd wedding anniversary, but to her surprise he has forgotten it completely. He complains about what she cooked and gets her to make him a different meal!
After a shocking event and on the advice from her neighbourhood grocer, she sets out to truly live her life by going out in the evening instead of just staying home every night while her husband watches the 24-hour News channel.
The journey is delightful with many mishaps and adventures as the witty Mrs. Parliament starts making changes and affecting everyone's life! A crazy cast of characters influence her along the way and keep everyone laughing.


Teresa Parliament: Bonnie Harris

Lingerie Sales Clerk: Christina Webb

Ginny Parliament: Bronwyn Wonnacott

Myrna: Liz Walton

Rosa: Chloe Pavic

Ruby Lewicki: Liz Walton

Marie: Vicki Burgess

Sylvia Summers: Sylvia Fairbank

Beck: Teresa Ingles

Carl Lewicki: Jimmy Plunkett

Devlin: Bert de Roo

Puncho: Bert de Roo

Mr. Marx: Steve Carapiet

Eduardo: Rick LaBelle

Andre: Slaven Pavic

Chuck Parliament: Warren Graham

Winston: Rick LaBelle

Watch Salesman: Steve Churchman

Julian Shultz:Steve Churchman

Steve: Steve Jackson

Bruno:Steve Jackson