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Anne Of Green Gables

Get ready to have your heart uplifted by Canada's favourite red-haired heroine, Anne Shirley as she takes to the stage at Victoria Hall!

Matthew Cuthbert expects to pick up an orphan boy to help on the farm. But at the train station, he discovers that there has been a mistake and instead he is charmed by a talkative, imaginative, spunky girl; Anne Shirley. The quiet town of Avonlea will never be the same as they join Anne on her many misadventures!

This musical originated at the Charlottetown Festival on Prince Edward Island, where it holds the record for the world's longest running annual production with 52 successive seasons. It's success is due in part to ballads like "I Can't Find the Words", charming love songs like "Wondrin'", energetic dances and a story that will delight the whole family!

Anne of Green Gables


Anne Shirley - played by Talia Mielke
Marilla Cuthbert - played by Elizabeth Walton
Matthew Cuthbert - played by Steve Carapiet
Gilbert Blythe - played by Jack Vrolyk
Diana Berry - played by Kaitlyn Kohoutek
Mrs. Berry - played by Madeleine Robertson
Miss Stacey - played by Jody Douglas Laporte
Rachel Lynde - played by Julia Cardiff
Josie Pye - played by Aria Core
Gertie Pye - played by Telsie Jackson
Mrs. Pye - played by Bethany Lawrence
Mr. Phillips - played by Steve Jackson
Mrs. Spencer - played by Miranda Webster
Mrs. Blewett - played by Laura Francis
Charlie Sloane - played by Alex Rodey
Mrs. Sloane - played by Jessica Hext
Lucilla Harris - played by Linda Guerette
Prissy Andrews - played by Sabrina Hiemstra
Cecil-Farmer - played by Steve Churchman
Minister - played by Bob Newman
Mrs. MacPherson - played by Julie Klassen
Jack Uval - played by Jimmy Plunkett
Adult Ensemble: Karen Griffin, Margaret Ward
Children's Ensemble: Grace Cressman, Ava Laporte, Janelle Wiens, River Holbrough, Josie Robertson, Marlie Klompstra-White
Children's Ensemble- Dancer: Ella Barnes, Haylie Hammond, Ayla Coates, Jewel Klassen, Emma Ross