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Productions From The Past! -

This show was dedicated to the memory of two valued members of our group who left us too soon: Sylvia Fairbank and Bert de Roo
Shoot Out at The Sacred Heart Saloon

Shootout at the Sacred Heart Saloon
a comedy in two acts by Teresa Brown
on stage April 12-15, 2018

When the town boundaries change leaving half the saloon dry, the church (in desperate need of a building) moves into the dry half. What follows is action-packed fun as they sort it out. It's minister vs bartender, saloon girl vs church lady, barroom brawls vs. hymn singing... and the town drunk is on his own. But, can they work together to save the building?

Set in the 1800's, a remote town out west somewhere. Summer.

Cast for the Show:

Jo (Josephine) McSweeney, saloon owner
Lyn Faulds
Clarabel, saloon girl
Bonnie Harris
Rosabel, saloon girl
Jessica Hext
Annabel, saloon girl
Chloe Pavic
Jezebel, saloon girl
Amy Bellemore
Rufus, cowboy
Derrick Fulton
Ralph, cowboy
Steve Churchman
Lazarus, town drunk
Steve Jackson
Honky Tonk Piano man
Steve Carapiet
Pastor Percival Parsons
Doug Wright
Daisy Parsons, pastor's daughter
Leila Core
Helen, church lady
Vicki Burgess
Georgette, church lady
Sheryl Guest
Hester, church lady
Gwen Trone
Samantha, saloon helper
Chantal Laton
Ulysses Potts, surveyor
Aaron Devereaux
Mr. Smith Jones, town councillor
Michael Henry
Mr. Smith, town councillor
Jim Hawkins
Mr. Jones, town councillor
Slaven Pavic
Fighting cowboy
Bob Guest
Fighting cowboy
Tim Van Bodegom

A Christmas Carol 2018

Step into the spirit of Christmas with this classic tale by Charles Dickens.

This stage play, with over 50 cast members, is true to the original timeless story which has inspired kindness and goodwill to all since 1843.

On Christmas' eve, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his business partner, Marley. In the hope of saving his friend, he sends three spirits to help Scrooge change his ways and learn to become a better man to everyone.

Full of beautiful Victorian costumes, moving sets, and dazzling special effects, this two hour show (including intermission) is sure to warm the hearts of young and old alike. A great reason to get together with friends and family and share the spirit of Christmas.

As Tiny Tim says, "God bless us every one!"

The Cast

Ebenezer Scrooge
Dougall Meloney
Jacob Marley
Doug Wright
The Ghost of Christmas's Past
Gwen Trone
The Ghost of Christmas Present
Steve Carapiet
The Ghost of Christmas To Come
Tim Van Bodegon
Bob Cratchit
Jim Hawkins
Mrs. Cratchit
Charlene Mumberson
Peter Cratchit
Charlie Kerwin
Belinda Cratchit
Brynn Blancher
Gillian Cratchit
Lauren Armstrong
Miranda Cratchit
Marlie Klompstra
Martha Cratchit
Paytyn Anjema
Tiny Tim Cratchit
Sam Denning
Fred (Scrooge's Nephew)
Stacey Unsworth
Julia, Fred's Wife
Christina Webb
Lucy, Julia's Sister
Jessica Hext
Mr. Topper
Geoffrey Hawkins
Mr. Fezziwig
Steve Churchman
Mrs. Fezziwig
Jean Simon
Fezziwig Daughter 1
Aria Core
Fezziwig Daughter 2
Lily Burdett
Fezziwig Daughter 3
Grace Cressman
Fezziwig Daughter 4
Sonora Bourque
Suitor 1 & Businessman 2
Kevin Kaczmarczyk
Suitor 2 & Businessman 1
Derrick Fulton
Gordon Bregman
Slaven Pavic
Gentleman 2 & Businessman 3
George Stephen
Jennifer Zimmer
Undertaker's Woman
Sheryl Guest
Meagan Kaczmarczyk
Scrooge as a Boy
Matthew Moss
Emma McEwan Harvey
Troy Zimmer
Mitchell Brush
Scrooge, Youth
Jack Vrolyk
Belle, Youth
Kasey Meggett
Scrooge, Young Man
Patrick McMahon
Belle, Young Lady
Chloe Pavic
Laura Francis
Bob Guest
Turkey Boy
Telsie Jackson
Singing Boy
Kurtis Kerrigan
Ila Armstrong
Want / Matchgirl
Selah Bourque
Barbara Prescott
Story Child
Serenity Richards
Story Child
Violet Powers
Story Child
Clark Denning
Special Appearance by: Sisters of Choice
Carol Graham, Danna Andrade & Linda Nap