A Seriously Silly Christmas Pantomime
Written by Doug Wright – Directed by Bonnie Harris

Nov. 9 – 12, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a charming prince looking for the perfect bride… The tale is familiar but this time the storyline runs amuck with bizarre new twists. This cast features: The Duke of Earl, two nasty step-sisters Oozloffsky and Ignatifiefna, The Wicked Evil Bad (WEB) Fairy, four big rats and a mean king who wants to remove all mention of Christmas from his realm!

It’s a colourful, comical, noisy extravaganza peppered with audience participation and spiked with lots of surprises written by Doug Wright, of Parkhill. In writing this pantomime, his is giving us a taste of a Christmas entertainment that has been a longstanding tradition in Britain.

What is a Pantomime?

A British pantomime has very specific ingredients. It has music which is usually the music of a well-known song but the words are changed to make it funny. It has audience participation and this allows, indeed encourages, the audience to boo, hiss and cheer when cued. The central plot of a pantomime revolves around a familiar fairy tale or nursery rhyme. This gets an added twist because pantomimes toss in topical references. The most essential ingredient in pantomimes is a good dollop of silliness which results in lots of audience laughter and youthful fun. See list of cast members here!

Congratulations to Aria Core, recipient of the Petrolia Community Theatre Scholarship for 22/23

Scholarship Award 2022 2023

Aria will be attending Sheridan College for a 3-year theatre production program. She was seen onstage in our productions of: Anne of Green Gables and A Christmas Carol. She also participated in our popular Hillsdale Cemetery Tours. Presenting the $500 scholarship is Vice President, Bonnie Harris.

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