Awards and Nominations


The following were nominated by the Western Ontario Drama League for the Petrolia Community Theatre production of “A Christmas Story”.

Nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Major Role:

Maureen Grandis – Mother

Nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Juvenile:

Katie Proctor – Helen
Andrew Moxley – Flick
Shawn Calvank – Schwartz
Dylan Sylvester – Scut

Nominated for Most Promising New Actor or Actress

Katie Proctor – Helen
Andrew Moxley – Flick
Shawn Calvank – Schwartz

Nominated for Best Visual Production:

A Christmas Story – Petrolia Community Theatre
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The Golden Rule Society (GRS)
Inukshuk Award 2004

This award is presented to the Petrolia Community Theatre for their presentation of “A Christmas Carol” in December 2004. It was a marvelous and moving presentation and represents a notable contribution to our community for 2004. As good theatre, it was enjoyable – while also conveying a most important universal message about human values. It is in appreciation for your tremendous effort in producing it that we are pleased to now recognize you for this contribution.

True contribution includes a number of elements. They include: a spirit of generosity, consideration and tolerance for others, sincerity, solidarity and hope. Contribution is about something bigger than just yourself. So we present to you… the Inukshuk Award for 2004.

Lex Bullock,
Acting Secretary,
The Golden Rule Society
Motto: Consideration and tolerance – for all save evil.

Hugo Award for Offstage!

The documentary “Offstage” has been entered into four film festivals in; New York, Pennsylvania, England and Chicago. (It didn’t make the deadline for the Sundance Festival.) The Chicago International Film Festival was held during the first week of March and “Offstage” was awarded the Gold for Best Documentary in the category of Arts and Humanities! Michael Lamport and Sally Blake, co-producers of the documentary, will be receiving the Hugo award on Thursday, March 11th in a ceremony in Chicago. The other three film festivals have not yet taken place.
Michael and Sally will be attending the Gushers and bringing the award with them to show everyone.