Gusher Awards

Golden Gushers

2018 – Doug Wright
2018 – Patci Stephens
2018 – Danna Andrade
2015 – Wendy Bratanek
2015 – Karen Whiting
2013 – Sylvia Fairbank
2011 – Carol Graham

Gusher Awards 2018

Shootout at the Sacred Heart Saloon – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution, Actor – Lyn Faulds
Best Contribution, New Actor – Aaron Devereaux
Best Contribution, New Actor – Sheryl Guest
Best Comedy, Non-Speaking Role – Chantal Laton
Support of Community Theatre – Steve Churchman
Outstanding Music Contribution – Steve Carapiet
Outstanding Set Decor – Wendy Bratanek
Outstanding Photography – Tony White
Outstanding Stage Manager – Chrissy Jackson
Best Overall Contribution – Danna Andrade

Gusher Awards 2016

Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution, Actor – Jimmy Plunkett
Best Contribution, Actor – Bonnie Harris
Best Contribution, Actor – Warren Graham
Best Contribution, New Actor – Christina Webb
Costume Design & Organization – Maureen Grandis
Outstanding Makeup Artist – Emily Jagt
Outstanding Sound Design – Phil Abraham
Support of Community Theatre – Maddy Hayes

Gusher Awards 2015

The Miracle Worker – Directed by Danna Andrade

Best Actress – CAROL GRAHAM role of Annie Sulliva
Best Novice Actress – MEGAN HUIZINGA role of Helen Keller
Best Supporting Actors – RICHARD and KARISSA TESKEY roles of Mr & Mrs Keller
Most Eager to Learn – ELISE CHAMBERS Producer

Gusher Awards 2014

You Can’t Take It With You – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Actress – BONNIE HARRIS, role of Penny Sycamore
Best Actor – DOUG WRIGHT, role of Martin Vanderhof
Best New Actress – CHLOE PAVIC, role of Alice Sycamore
Best Actor-Comedy Role – CHARLIE FAIRBANK, role of Mr. DePinna
Best Hair Design – PATCI STEPHEN

Things My Mother Taught Me – Directed by Danna Andrade

Best Actress– TERESA INGLES role of Karen Keegan
Best Comedic Timing – RHONDA ROSS role of Lydia Lawson
Recognition for Consistently Great Programs – CONNIE McFADDEN
Recognition for Consistently Great Advertising – DENISE THIBEAULT

Gusher Awards 2013

Nana’s Naughty Knickers – Directed by Danna Andrade

Most Promising New Actor – STEVE JACKSON
Best Comedic Timing – SYLVIA FAIRBANKS
Most Outstanding Transition – TERESA INGLES
Special Effects & Set Build – WARREN GRAHAM
Best New Producer – WENDY CALVANK
Most Adaptable Cast/Crew Member – SHAWN CALVANK
Golden Gusher 2013 – SYLVIA FAIRBANK

‘Til Beth Do Us Part – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Actress – LINDSAY PETERSON, role of Beth Bailey
Best Actor – DAVID ENGLESON, role of Big Hayden
Best Contribution, Direction – MAXIMILLIAN HIRSCH
Excellence as Producer – WENDY CALVANK
Excellence as Stage Manager – DYLAN O’CONNOR

Gusher Awards 2012

Dear Santa, We’ve Moved – Directed by Carol Graham

Outstanding Development – Actor – PETE AARSSEN
Best Contribution – Actor – JIMMY PLUNKETT
Best Contribution – Actress – BONNIE HARRIS
Best Contribution – Youth Actor – RONAN FULTON
Best Contribution – Youth Actress – ALYSON JAGT
Best Contribution – Props – WENDY BRATANEK
Best Contribution – Crew – MARI JAGT
Best Contribution – Program Advertising – DANNA ANDRADE

Gusher Awards

Gusher Awards 2011

Revenge of the Three Little Pigs – Directed by Bonnie Harris

Best Contribution – Actor/Music Director – STEVE CARAPIET
Best Contribution – Supporting Role – MEGAN DOUGLAS
Best Contribution – Supporting Role – LIAM MILLIGAN
Outstanding Dedication – CHARLENE MUMBERSON
Best Contribution – Youth Actress – BRONWYN WONNACOTT
Best Overall Contribution – Crew – BARBARA PRESCOTT
Best Contribution – Lobby Display – KARISSA TESKEY
Best Contribution – Creative Design – BERT DE ROO
Best Contribution – Creative Design – EVELYN WARD DE ROO

Shoot out at the Sacred Heart Saloon – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution – Actress – LYN FAULDS
Best Contribution – Actor – NEIL WERDEN
Best Contribution – Costumes – KAREN WHITING
Best Contribution – Photo Display – KARISSA TESKEY

Murder Mystery Gusher Award

Carla Rankin

Golden Gusher Award

Carol Graham

Gusher Award

Gusher Awards 2010

Steele Magnolias – Directed by Meghan Hadley
Best Contribution – Actress – JESSICA CORE
Best Contribution – Hair Design – PATCI STEPHEN

A Christmas Carol – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution – Actress – SARA CECILE
Best Contribution – Actor – KIRBY SANDERSON
Best Contribution – Youth Actor – JOSEPH HAWKINS
Best Contribution – Youth Actress – JULIA HORNBLOWER
Best Contribution – Stage Manager – WENDY BRATANEK
Best Contribution – Set Painting – KAREN BENUSIK

Gusher Awards 2009

It’s a Wonderful Life – Directed by Richard Teskey

Best Contribution – Stage Manager – BARBARA PRESCOTT
Best Contribution – Voice Work – STEVE CARAPIET
Best Contribution – Non-Speaking Role – NATHAN CALVANK
Best Contribution – Novice Actor – PETE AARSSEN

Gusher Awards 2008

Peril at Petrolia – Directed by Patci Stephen

Best Contribution: Novice Actor – NASH LIDDIARD
Best Contribution: Novice Actress – DINA MCPHEE
Best Contribution: Veteran Actress – KRISTINA CAMPBELL
Best Contribution: Veteran Actor – GEORGE STEPHEN
Best Contribution: Crew – JENNIFER WEED
Best Contribution to the Show – RON BAKER

A Christmas Story – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution – Actress – MAUREEN GRANDIS
Best Contribution – Actor – DOUG WRIGHT
Best Contribution – Youth Actor – TIM MAYHEAD
Best Contribution – Set Decor – JENNIFER WEED
Best Contribution – Props – SYLVIA FAIRBANK
Best Contribution – Sets – WARREN GRAHAM

Gusher Awards 2007

Are You Being Served? – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution Actress – GWEN TRONE
Best Contribution Actor – JIMMY PLUNKETT
Best New Talent – JOHN BRYNE
Best Contribution: Voice Coach – ANGIE BYRNE
Best Contribution: Costumes – BEA VASEY

Rumpelstiltskin – Directed by Carol Graham

Best Contribution: Actress – KARINA ANN REDICK
Best Contribution: Actor – NATHAN CALVANK
Best Contribution: Producer – SYLVIA FAIRBANK
Best Contribution: Stage Manager – STEVE CARAPIET
Best Contribution: Computer Animation – BERT DE ROO
Best Contribution: Veteran Actress – CARLA RANKIN

Gusher Awards 2006

Pollyanna – Directed by Danna Andrade

Best Novice Actor – SABRINA JOY REDICK
Best New Talent – NATHAN CALVANK
Significant Character Development – ENZO BOLZON
Best First Time Publicity – TRACY BOLZON
Best Set Decor – NANCY WALSH
Most Patient Producer – WENDY BRATANEK