Shootout at the Sacred Heart Saloon - 2011

a Whoop-it-up, Bust-a-gut comedy by Teresa Brown

When the town boundaries change leaving half the saloon dry, the church (in desperate need of a building) moves into the dry half. What follows is action-packed fun as they sort it out. It’s minister vs bartender, saloon girl vs church lady, barroom brawls vs. hymn singing… and the town drunk is on his own. But, can they work together to save the building?

Set in the 1800’s, a remote town out west somewhere. Summer. The play opens with a bar room brawl complete with breaking furniture and someone going through the window! The whoop-it-up western comedy has it all: flirty saloon girls, fighting cowboys, and a honky tonk piano player. It also has a nervous Preacher, some feisty church ladies and a shootout!

Shootout at the Sacred Heart Saloon - 2011


Directed – Carol Graham
Josephine (Jo) McSweeney (bartender) – Lyn Faulds
Clarabel (saloon girl) – Bonnie Harris
Rosabel (saloon girl) – Charlene Mumberson
Annabel (saloon girl) – Stephanie Cattrysser
Jezebel (saloon girl) – Teresa Ingles
Piano Player – Steve Carapiet
Rufus (cowboy) – Neil Werden
Lazarus (town drunk) – Bert de Roo
Rufus (cowboy) – Lorne Liddiard
Fighting Cowboy – Brent Liddiard
Fighting Cowboy – Warren Graham
Fighting Cowboy – Nathan Calvank
Kitchen Boy – Shawn Calvank
Pastor Percival Parson – Roy Butler
Daisy Parson (daughter) – Amanda Calvank
Helen (Ladies Auxiliary) – Dina McPhee
Hester (Ladies Auxiliary) – Vicki Burgess
Georgette (Ladies Auxilliary) – Carrolleigh Cecile
Church Lady – Emilie Jagt
Church Child – Bronwyn Wonnacott
Mr. Potts (surveyor) – Nathan Calvank
Mr. Smith (town councillor) – Roy Sager
Mr. Jones (town councillor) – Ken Logan
Mr. Smith-Jones (town councillor) – Henry Anjema