Production Year – 2010


Steel Magnolias


Directed by: Megan Hadley

Producer: Wendy Bratanek

Assistant Producer: Patci Stephens

Stage Manager: Lynda Agocs

Steel Magnolias - 2010Set in a beauty parlor in Chinquapin, Louisiana, Steel Magnolias illustrates how the lives of six distinctly different women interweave via the small town gossip that shadows the unending cycle of birth, marriage and death.

Filled with hilarious Southern repartee and humorously revealing verbal collisions, the play draws on the town’s underlying strength-and love-which gives the play, and its characters, the special quality to make them truly touching, funny and marvelously amiable company in good times and in bad.


Truvy – Andrea Hughes

Annelle – Jessica Core

Claree – Karissa Teskey

Shelby – Haley Pretty

M’Lynn – Dina McPhee

Ouiser – Diane Hadley

A Christmas Carol

Bob Cratchit, played by Kirby Sanderson, holds Tiny Tim, Megan Davis, on his shoulder

by Charles Dickens, adapted by Romulus Linney


Director – Carol Graham

Assistant Director – Bonnie Harris

Producer – Barbara Prescott

Stage Manager – Wendy Bratanek

To catch the spirit of the holiday season, we’re staging the best loved story of Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol.” For more than 150 years, this Victorian tale of the heartless miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, has struck an emotional chord with audience both young and old. This Christmas classic endures, for it shows that we all possess the power to change ourselves, and reminds us that love for our fellow man will give us far more happiness than money.

On Christmas Eve, four ghosts awaken Scrooge and attempt to show him the error of his ways. Throughout the night we meet the impoverished yet happy family of Bob Cratchit, the beautiful Belle, the festive Mr. Fezziwig, and, of course, the endearing Tiny Tim.

Full of beautiful Victorian costumes, fluid sets, and dazzling special effects, this two-hour show (includes intermission) has a cast of 43 community actors from Petrolia, Sarnia, Parkhill, Forest, Dresden and many other locations. Cookies and hot apple cider will be on sale during intermission. Whether it’s a family building memories or a business group celebrating the season, this production is sure to win the hearts of young and old alike. As Tiny Tim says, “God Bless us Everyone!”


Narrator – Sylvia Fairbank

Story Kid – Julia Laton

Story Kid – Emma McEwen-Harvey

Scrooge – Warren Graham

Ghost of Marley – Doug Wright

Ghost of Christmas’ Past – Nancy DeJeu

Ghost of Christmas Present – Doug Wright

Ignorance– Celeste Caskanette

Want – Bethany Hornblower

Ghost of Christmas’ To Come – Nancy DeJeu

Bob Cratchit – Kirby Sanderson

Mrs. Cratchit – Teresa Ingles

Martha Cratchit – Sara Cecile

Peter Cratchit – Deker Ingles

Miranda Cratchit – Michelle Ainsworth

Gillian Cratchit – Bronwyn Wonnacott

Belinda Cratchit – Chantal Laton

Tiny Tim Cratchit – Megan Davis

Scrooge-boy – Simon McEwen-Harvey

Orsen – Geoff Hawkins

Valentine – Caleb Hornblower

Fan – Shannon Searson

Scrooge, youth – Tim Mayhead

Belle, younger – Lydia Sanderson

Mr. Fezziwig – Steve Carapiet

Mrs. Fezziwig – Vicki Burgess

Daughter 1 – Julia Soetemans

Daughter 2 – Katherine McNabb

Daughter 3 – Isabella Maria Engberg

Suitor 1 – Shawn Calvank

Suitor 2 – Liam Milligan

Suitor 3 – Dekker Ingles

Violinist – Joan Plant

Violinist – Katie Johnson

Scrooge, older – Nathan Calvank

Belle, older – Nikky DeJeu

Fred/Nephew – Jonathan Krall

Niece in Law – Amanda Calvank

Sister – Megan Douglas

Topper – Nathan Calvank

Gentleman 1 – Roy Butler

Gentleman 2 – Stephen Hodgetts

Boy Singing – Julia Hornblower

Turkey Boy – Joey Hawkins

Caroline – Cathy

Husband – Art Park

Businessman 1 – Roy Butler

Businessman 2 – Ross Rundle

Businessman 3 – Steve Carapiet

Charwoman – Maureen Grandis

Laundress – Sarah Hornblower

Undertakers Woman – Mrs.Carroleigh Cecile

Old Joe – Bert de Roo

Old Joe’s Boy – Geoff Hawkins

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