Production Year 2014

Things My Mother Taught Me


Director – Danna Andrade

Co-Director – Max Hirsh

Producer – Karen Benusik

Stage Manager – Barbara Prescott

Gabe and Olivia are moving into an apartment together; 500 miles from their parents.
But Gabe has a surprise, he has invited both sets of parents to be there when he proposes that night.
Olivia has a surprise too, she hasn’t told her mother that they are moving in together.
On top of that, their first piece of furniture is stuck in the front door.
When everything goes wrong that night, it becomes the best proposal ever.


Olivia – Played by Megan Douglas

Gabe – Played by T.J. Tiff

Karen – Played by Teresa Ingles

Carter – Played by Steve Jackson

Lydia – Played by Rhonda Ross

Wyatt – Played by Doug Wright

Max – Played by Warren Graham


You Can't Take It With You

The year is 1936 and at first the Sycamore family seems crazy with their view of doing what makes you happy. Grandpa doesn’t believe in income tax; so he doesn’t pay it. Ed prints messages which he puts into the boxes of candy his wife sells; messages that are of interest to the FBI. Then there is Mr. De Pinna who makes fireworks in the basement. It’s an eclectic mix but a happy one.

In contrast to these delightful people is the unhappy Kirby family.
Naturally, Tony Kirby falls in love with Alice Sycamore. To show them that life should be lived to the fullest he brings his parents to dine at the Sycamore home… on the wrong evening!
After that, Alice is convinced it won’t work out between them. Add to this, a Grand Duchess who is now a waitress, a drunken actress, and 3 G-men and no one knows what will happen next.


Director – Carol Graham

Producer – Wendy Calvank

Stage Manager – Dylan O’Connor


Penelope Sycamore – Played by Bonnie Harris

Essie Carmichael – Played by Bronwyn Wonnacott

Rheba – Played by Lyn Faulds

Paul Sycamore – Played by Jim Hawkins

Mr. De Pinna – Played by Charlie Fairbank

Ed Carmichael – Played by Shawn Calvank

Donald – Played by Derrick Fulton

Martin Vanderhof – Played by Doug Wright

Alice Sycamore – Played by Chloe Pavic

Tony Kirby – Played by Joey Hawkins

Boris Kolenkhov – Played by Warren Graham

Gay Wellington – Played by Sylvia Fairbank

Anthony P. Kirby – Played by Jimmy Plunkett

Miriam Kirby – Played by Gwen Trone

The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina – Played by Elizabeth Walton

G-Man 1 – Played by Neil Werden

G-Man 2 – Played by Vaughn Wilde

G-Man 3 – Played by Geoffrey Hawkins

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